Quality Statement

We take all possible care to ensure that the lamps bring to you the clean and clear environmental conditions of their original environment. The rock pieces are carefully selected, manually quarried and painstakingly hand crafted to retain their original benefits.

They are very carefully wrapped and packaged so as to rule out the possibility of any damage during shipping. All electrical accessories conform to the US standards.

We are an American Corporation that manufactures and then imports these lamps into the United States and therefore does not compromise in giving our customers great value on prices and highest quality product in accordance to the expected standards of our american customers.

We have employed four of the finest crafts men in the area where the mines are and have our own facility there where they use the finest quality of crystalline rock salt in a ccordance to our strict standards. we make sure that the salt they are using to craft lamps is not adulterated with dirt or debree and carries the right mix of minerals in them so that they look beautiful and elegant when lit.

The size of our lamp is perfectly optimized aesthetically. once you get them you are bound to agree because in the size that we are offering they look extremely elegant and the true character of the naturally crystalline salt is greatly enhanced.


These lamps are carved out of rock salt high from the foothills of the Himalayas, through a painstaking but natural quarrying process so as not to disturb their crystalline structure, which is essential to retaining their ionic properties.

No dynamite is used in the process and manual quarrying of the rock is carried out. This is why we can assure you that the product that reaches your hands retains the pristine qualities of the environment from where it was quarried.

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Why Ionic Salt lamps

Health Benefits Magical Healing Power Salt

Ionic salt lamps emit negative ions that are made by means of wind, sunlight, surf, waterfalls and rainstorms. Generally, a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oxygen. On the other hand, the positive ions are molecules that have lost their electrons through air and electric pollution.

The presence of these positive ions bring imbalance to our atmosphere as all around us are elements emitting positive ions, which penetrate our lungs and cause fatigue, migraines, respiratory tract ailments etc.

Scientific studies indicate that salt crystal lamps can increase the negative ion count by up to 300%. They have been known to help speed recovery in burn or asthma patients, beneficially affect serotonin levels in the bloodstream, stabilize alpha rhythms and to positively impact our reactions to sensory stimuli.

Ionised air also substantially reduces the number of airborne bacteria indoors. This is why the use of salt crystal lamps is highly recommended for indoor use.

Client Testimonials

  • I just had to write and tell you I adore my lamp…. It looks even better in real than it did on the Net.

    Steve Jobs
  • My girlfriend just went nuts over the kooool lamp I ordered for her birthday…. thanks for the prompt delivery….it arrived on the dot!

  • My boss wants you to know that your lamps provided that finishing touch he was looking for in his new consulting chambers. Good work!

  • You know after having experienced the cool and serene effect of your ionic salt lamps, I am going to make it a ‘must have’ item for all the clients whose homes I redecorate.

  • The lamps give the room such a nice glow, I am going to order several to put in various parts of the house.

  • My mom freaks out at the smell of lingering smoke in the den after my friends and I party…… your lamp helps ‘keep the air clear’ ( pun intended).

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